Danielle Dalsey Kimball

Working with young children for over a decade has afforded me many observances. As an AMI-trained Montessori Primary Guide, I am privileged to work alongside many different children and families. Montessori Spaces is for caregivers, educators, and families in the home to access resources for learning and development. This is a place where parents can learn about their child’s unique development in several ways: cognition or the “cognitive space,” physical development or the “physical space,” and most importantly the “social/emotional space.” When a child is moving through a big leap in development or needs more challenge and support, I can give recommendations on how to meet his or her needs in the first plane (0-6 years) of life.

I also work with families one-on-one to design learning and play areas in the home for aesthetic appeal and functionality, based on Montessori principles. If you would like a quote for a personal consult, please email me: danielle@montessori-spaces.com.