Welcome to Montessori Spaces!

Hello! To all of the hard working parents and caregivers of our future. I have created this “space” as one where families can gather resources and access support when raising young children. As we look at the whole child’s development, I have organized my offerings into several unique categories:

Physical Space: Here we consider a child’s physical development and learning space. We will discuss sleep, physical nourishment, toileting, how to support physical development and how to optimize your home or learning environment. As a Montessori Guide for over a decade, I have optimized learning spaces and take great care and consideration for how an environment will be used. If you need one-on-one support or consultation, please reach out for a quote and see our packages here.

Cognitive Space: In this space, we will discuss the learning and content. What a child could be absorbing and exploring through her work and play. This will be a place for unique offerings in literature, song, and video. As our free content is accessible to all, there will also be a monthly membership for subscribers to access the full offering for each season here.

Social/Emotional Space: This is such an important part of your child’s unique development. Here we will discuss the development of your child’s emotional intelligence and how to support her voice. We will also offer opportunities through role play and how to prepare your child for social experiences in the world.

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